January 2016
                 Alexey Kozlov club, was created by our wonderful room of sand animation "the ABDUCTION of EUROPE".
December 2015
12 December 2015 in the center of Moscow took place the ceremonial start of the Russian G-Energy team on rally-marathon "Dakar" in 2016, which kicks off on January 2 in Buenos Aires.The launch ceremony of the G-Energy team, promoted by Vladimir Vasiliev and Konstantin Zhiltsov took place on Revolution Square.
November 2015
Happy New Year!!! Happiness, Health, Peace, Love, and Creative fulfillment of All Your Good Wishes, accompanied by good luck in Your Good Deeds!!!And Everyone a Peaceful sky over your head, and Peace with ourselves!!! Theatre of Sand and Sergey Nazarov sand give You a congratulation.  
October 2015
  Sneak peek from our latest multimedia show, "Romance with the sand"   Sand Theater would like to express sincere gratitude to Alexey Kozlov club for providing its art space for the show and to divine soprano Naira Asatryan for cooperation.  
October 2015
Color edge of sand animation. Since the beginning of time human beings have been trying t0 control the time flow, to stop the moment and look around. This is how arts appeared — from rock painting to contemporary abstractionism.  Now we have a unique opportunity to see great paintings come to life.
September 2015
  Introducing our new multimedia show, Romance with the sand. October 26th, Alexey Kozlov club, Moscow.
August 2015
Coming soon! New season's premiere, Lukomorie. Sand theater announces new sand show for our younger viewers, Lukomorie, based on traditional Russian fairy tales. For more information please check out our announcements.  
April 2015
Sand animation for the Victory Day.                              Clip for the song Eternal Flame "Those who took Berlin" (1970); Songs from the k / f "Officers";   Composer: Raphael Khozak Matveyevich; Lyrics by Eugene Agranovich Danilovich
April 2015
Our Sand Theatre starts new project. The theme of the Russian classics, but also a nursery, always current.
March 2015
Place the shortbread video gala concert dedicated to the anniversary of Sergey Violin and Orchestra anniversary of Cinematography. Sergey Nazarov Theater of Sand congratulated his sand animation Sergei Skripka and Russian State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography double anniversary.