The premiere of "Lubov" play with sand animation and graphics.
27 мая 2016 - Москва. 26 июня - Берлин.

May 27 in the Russian-German House in Moscow was presented the premiere of "Liebov" with elements of sand animation and video graphics Sergei Nazarov. The premiere took place in the framework of the closing ceremony of the cultural season 2015/16. Season was lavish on the bright events - concerts, exhibitions, performances, festivals, forums. The play is a joint project with the Cultural Foundation Valery Zolotukhin and timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the International Union of German culture.

Starring actress Irina Lindt (Taganka Theater) and Anna Bagmet (Theater. Mayakovsky).

The play directed by Gulnara Galavinskoy with original choreography by Andrew Melan'ina (Bolshoi Theatre), accompanied by a live jazz orchestra, not to mention the perfect game of two brilliant actresses who performed songs and poems in Russian and in German, allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of an elegant Berlin 1930-40 -x of the last century. The action of the whole performance is accompanied by sand animation and Sergey Nazarov graphics, neat, on the screen, in svorkah huge window and the white curtains at the hands of the artist creating the very atmosphere of the time.

The statement is based on love lyrics Helen Seifert, and Arnold Reinecke and Nora Pfeffer songs of Marlene Dietrich and Tsary Leander, music by Alfred Schnittke and Richard Wagner.

"Delicious and yet emotionally difficult to hear his poems from the stage, of which there was a plot of the play" Liebov ". Grateful two bright, talented women, beauties Irina Lindt and Anne Bagmet "- said after the premiere poet, novelist, translator Elena Seifert.

"Heartfelt thanks nuanced, subtle and passionate director Gulnara Galavinskoy, energetic choreographer Andrey Melanin, a live jazz band with his guitar, keyboards, drums, saxophone, percussion, and Olga and Henry Martens, Tatiana Frank swept on their hands the play, and their aides. Special thanks to Sergey Nazarov of sand animation and graphics, the most poignant reading of the poem "Conception", - commented Elena Ivanovna.

It should be noted that Irina Lindt and Anna Bagmet have written the script of the play and made her producers, from September on promoting the formulation of theater venues in Moscow. The idea of ​​the play was born in September last year during the annual Great Catherine Ball at the museum-reserve Tsaritsyno - a joint project of ICSU and the Moscow government.

A premiere in Berlin will take place very soon June 26, 2016. Berlin, we look forward to seeing you.

Galli Theatre Berlin, Oranienburger Strasse, 32, Berlin, Germany. 19:00.

Director: Gulnara Galavinskaya.
Choreographer: Andrei Melanin.
Artist: Darya Komarova.

Sand animation and video graphics Sergei Nazarov.

Danilo Moreira - guitar, bass.
Joel Moreira - keys, saxophone.
Alain Leon Cancio - keys.
Francisco with Beria - drums.
Manoli Fonseca - percussion.