Multimedia sand show "Legends of ancient Russia"

On Saturday, March 12, after Shrovetide festivities guests "Larks" Theater Center waited unique multimedia sand show "Legends of the ancient Russian" in jokes, tales, songs. Sand animation artist Sergei Nazarov worked very real miracles. As a wave of his hands, in sand paintings, the viewer opens the door of the Russian land. Unique landscapes, flowing lines, animals and birds - all created in one second, and just one second disappeared, changed, dissolved. A charming voice of Olga Nesmeyanova and musical compositions Nicholas Skuchenkov - Massalsky gave special significance to this unimaginable actions that can not be described in words, and that's hard to believe, but only need to see. The audience clapped and enjoy watching what is happening on stage.

The play "Legends of ancient Russia" - a story about the traditions of the Russian people, which is reflected in the life of modern man. It is a song about Rusich, our distant ancestors, how they lived, loved and defended their land. This is a live vocal, the author's music and sand animation. This is an opportunity for each viewer to find his Russian in the modern metropolis. After the performance, the audience were able to take pictures with the artists, to discuss what they saw and share a good mood.