Easter concert of folk music ensemble "Balagan" and live sand scenery Sergei Nazarov.
15 мая (воскресенье) 2016 года в 17.00, Концертный зал ГАУ ЯНАО КДЦ, город Салехард

GOVERNMENT Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug


DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

State Autonomous Institution of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Cultural and Business Center

State Autonomous Institution of Culture of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

"The District Center of National Cultures"

In the framework of the V District Easter Festival


Easter concert of folk music ensemble "Balagan" Saratov Regional Philharmonic. Alfred Schnittke, art director Honoured All-Russian Musical Society Alexander Kurylenko, Saratov

The ensemble was founded in 1989 by Alexander Kurylenko. Artists of the ensemble have a unique creative individuality, bright voices of people's voices speak several folk instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, psaltery, harp, zhaleyka, balalaika, ocarinas, the violin. The basis of the repertoire of the best examples of folk music of different regions of Russia. This lingering peasant song of the XVIII century, the traditional round dance tunes and games, city romance of the XIX century and rhyme, spiritual poems, legends, apocrypha. The ensemble performs in authentic costumes of the XIX century, that creates a sense of historical reality. Artists of the ensemble "Balagan" go in folklore expeditions, bringing of these trips folk music recording, which later become the basis for creating a new concert programs. For each song, they find their own unique paint, warming and filling them with a special lyrical sense. Russian folk song imbued with sincere cordiality interpretation ensemble evokes in listeners all the most intimate and best.

The concert was attended by artists and ensembles of the District Center of National Cultures: Angelica Kulmametova Nicholas Rotkin, Xenia Dronov, Governor's ensemble "Sёёtey Yamal" national song leader honored YaNAO cultural worker Diana Ukolov, national ensemble of the Cossack song "Lubo!" The head of the honored worker YaNAO culture Natalia Permjakova, national dance ensemble "Comecon Cheese", the head of the honored worker of culture Oleg YaNAO role-playing, students "garret" theater studio head Irina Fateeva, sand animation is an artist by vocation, the founder of the theater of sand - Sergey Nazarov, Moscow