"METHEL" Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - This work is included in the cycle "The Tale of the late Ivan Petrovich Belkin", consisting of 5 novels and released by A.S. Pushkin without specifying his authorship. And fantasies and dreams for this work have caught on and dreamed of our director - Gulnara Galavinskaya at the Moscow Drama Theater on Perovskaya, in which the performers of all the main roles of this reading are served ...
Characters and performers:
     Narrator - Mikhail Malinin
     Marya Gavrilovna - Yulia Malinina
     Vladimir - Sergey Marochkin, Yan Aliev
     Burmin - Artur Martirosov
     The Girl - Olga Rozhkova
     Muse-violin - Vera Saley
     Muse-flute - Galina Zarubina
All the action was completed and invented thanks to the artist Andrei Shchayev, the plastic and motion of Alexei Portnyagin, the light designer Konstantin Rozhkov and SAND ANIMATION and VIDEOART Sergey Nazarov. Musical design - Vladimir Gusev, Gulnara Galavinskaya.
A modern, graphic, stylish image of the performance is created by a powerful visual component of sand animation. "Live", changing scenery-transformers (artist Andrey Shchayev) supports a refined light score (lighting artist Konstantin Rozhkov). A peculiar quintessence of the blizzard is the unique method of immersing the performance in the visual space of sand animation created by the recognized master of this art Sergei Nazarov.
                 The horses are racing along the boom,
                  Deep snow deep ...
                  Here, in the side of the temple of God
                  Visible alone.
                  Suddenly a blizzard is all around;
                  Snow is pounding with clumps;
                  Black-eyed, whistling with a wing,
                  It winds over the sleigh;
                  A prophetic groan says sadness!
                  Horses are hasty.
                  They gaze intently into the darkness,
                  Raising manes ...