"Greenland-2017". Kirov. Basharovo. July 21-23.
Pictures from the sand at the festival of the author's song.
Friends, for the first time on "Greenland" musicians Nikolai Massalsky and Dmitry Tolpegov will perform a musical play "Native Land."
During the performance in real time, artist Sergei Nazarov (Moscow) will create artistic images from the sand, which will be traced to the screen of the main stage of the festival.
Do not miss this amazing spectacle of love, music, creativity and eternal values. The Sand and Musical Performance "Native Side" is a story about the traditions of the Russian people, which are reflected in the life of modern man. This is a song about Rusich, our distant ancestors, how they lived, loved and protected their land. This is live vocal, author's music and sand animation. This is an opportunity for you and your children to find their Russia in the modern metropolis.
Come to "Greenland", you will find many interesting and new events!
Musical performance "Native land" with amazing sand paintings you can see July 21, Friday, the main stage, a night concert opening.
           Iosif Kobzon, the first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the Olympic champion Alexei Voevoda, and the main headliner of the music scene - Sergey Trofimov, confirmed their participation in the large open-air forum. For the first time this year, some guests will perform with the Vyatka folk instruments orchestra. Fedor Chaliapin.